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Inns and Recipes Website Launch

At Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast we have a time honored tradition of sharing our collection of Inn Recipes.  Our recipes are posted on website which is still in the beginning of its journey as we begin to seek out more recipes and contributors.  

Some of our recipes have been passed down by previous innkeepers of Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast and with a few special added ingredients we have made them our own.  Many of our other dishes are inspired from the internet, cooking shows, family recipes, and recipes from other Inns and innkeepers. 

As our delicious collection of recipes continue to grow, we continue to delight our guests with delicious dishes created with passion, flair and creativity. 

As we begin the journey we invite innkeepers and home cooks to visit to view the Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast recipes.   Our Inn signature dish is our peach upside down pancake and it has been featured on 16 WNEP Home and Backyard and more info on this delicious dish is listed below.  

So try the recipes, make them your own, and share the new recipe website with others. 

Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast

Signature Dish Peach Upside Down Pancake

The signature dish of Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast is the peach upside down pancake.  The peach upside down pancake was originally featured on a PA Home and Backyard special by WNEP in 2017.  I really enjoyed having Jackie and Martina visit and I hope that they will be back to do another episode for another breakfast recipe.  

WNEP Home and Backyard

Jackie and Martina of PA Home and Backyard featured our Peach Upside Down Pancake on WNEP.      

Look at that clean plate.  They really enjoyed the peach upside down pancake.

Peach Upside Pancake

Peach Upside Down Pancake Recipe

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